Crisp & KP packet recycling

Ellie's Fund accepts any brand and size of crisp packaging for recycling.

To be accepted packets need to be turned inside out to ensure they are completely empty.

You need to collect at least 8kg of empty crisp packets before these can be posted (not including packaging).

There is also a maximum limit of 30kg (including packaging) with a parcel size of 70x60x60cm.

If you collect less than 8kg worth of crisp packets, please bring them to the BTRS shop at No 31 Otley Road, Headingely, Leeds, LS6 1AA if you're local or take a look at our different drop-off points throughout the UK here if you're further afield.

If you collect 8kg or more, please parcel them up and email to get hold of a free postage label.

Please note that the minimum shipment amount for KP products is 5kg.


You can also send all brands of peanut, pretzel and popcorn packets. The minimum shipment is still 2kg of packets.
If you decide to add the new items please request a KP label when you are ready to send a parcel, rather than a crisp packet label, as they are different.

We’re paid twice as much for the Walkers (just crisps) parcels so if it’s possible to send one of just crisps and another of the rest, we’ll benefit more.
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