Confectionery wrapper recycling

You can recycle all confectionery shown in this picture to raise money for Ellie's Fund.

You'll need at least 1kg of wrappers before you request a label - the box isn't included in the weight so please weigh it before you start filling it and again before you send it.

A great tip is to send more than the minimum to ensure that we're paid (even if some of the items aren't accepted).

When you have a parcel ready to send email to request a 'confectionery label'.

Please don't send:
  • Breakfast, granola and energy bar wrappers
  • Aluminium foil, cardboard and paper wrappers. For example: individual foil and paper packets (like ROWNTREE’S® Fruit Pastilles or KITKAT® Biscuits) and cardboard tubes and boxes (like SMARTIES® or AFTER EIGHT®). These can be recycled via local council facilities.
  • Metal tins and rigid plastic trays or tubs. For example: QUALITY STREET® plastic tubs or DAIRY BOX® chocolate box packaging. These can be recycled via local council facilities.
  • QUALITY STREET® wrappers as these are biodegradable via home composting.  
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