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- Jam Jar Campaign

Thank you to everyone who is collecting their pennies for BTRS. So far we have raised over £2,800.

We are half way to our £5,000 target. Let's keep using our jam jars and raising funds for brain tumour patients throughout Yorkshire.
You don't have to be a marathon runner, keen cyclist or avid golfer...You just need to be passionate about supporting your local brain tumour charity!

Click here to make a jam jar donation today.

It's really simple to get involved...

1 - Order your sticker by emailing or call us on 0113 340 0111.

2 - Take an empty jar and stick your 'Change for the better' sticker to the front of it.

3 - Put your jar somewhere that you will see it every day.

4 - Fill your jar with loose change. Have you given something up for the new year? Why not put the money you're saving into the jar?

5 - When the jar is full, bank those valuable coins and notes and donate them to BTRS in the following ways -

·         Make a cheque out to BTRS and post to - Fundraising, BTRS, No31 Otley Road, Headingley, LS6 3AA.

·         Make an online donation by visiting

·         Drop the full jar off at the BTRS office (address above).

6 - Keep filling your jam jar throughout the year.

7 - Spread the word to friends, family and colleagues. The more people taking part, the more money we can raise!

8 - Remember to check out our jam jar totaliser regularly at
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