Patrons and Ambassadors

Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity have some fantastic high profile supporters who help us in so many different ways.

Our President, Lady Kathy Botham is a constant source of support and nominated YBTC to be one of six charities supported by the Beefy Foundation, Sir Ian Botham's charity.   
Meet our Patrons and Ambassadors 

        Lady Kathy Botham 
Charity President

"I am delighted and honoured to be President of Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity. I have known the team since 2003 and I really admire their dedication and commitment particularly that of the medics who give up their precious free time to be involved further in the care of the patients they treat.

Their support and advice helps to shape the charity into a resource that helps patients, carers and science both now and in the future. The development of the brain tumour research lab in Leeds is particularly exciting and a project that receives my support."                                   

  Sir Ian Botham OBE
Charity Patron

"I was delighted to become a Patron of Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity and was appalled to learn that the prognosis for those affected by the most aggressive brain tumours has not improved for over 40 years.

Dedicated science and research in other areas of medicine has ensured that the life expectancy for those living with many cancers has improved significantly, it is sad that this is not so for this group of people.

Hopefully, with the development of the brain tumour research centre in Leeds we will soon see some major breakthroughs that will improve treatment options for patients."
supporters_jackiealliss.jpeg   Jackie Alliss
Charity Patron

Whilst I now live in Surrey I do have a strong connection with Yorkshire. My husband is the famous professional golfer, author and the world's best known TV golf commentator, Peter Alliss and for a number of years we lived in Leeds as Peter was the golf professional at the renowned Moor Allerton Golf Club.

I was delighted to become a Patron and get involved with Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity as it is a charity that looks to provide two key services for its supporters – research and patient/carer support.

Through painful and personal experience, I understand the level of support which is needed when you are caring for someone you love who has an incurable neurological condition.

Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity is developing a comprehensive support network that is designed to help patients and carers as they try to make sense of the diagnosis and situation they find themselves in. There is also a structure in place that provides support and friendship for those who have lost someone they love to this awful disease.
supporters_trevorcherry.jpg   Trevor Cherry
Charity Patron

"I have been involved with Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity since 2005 and in that time have seen the charity grow. The development of the research centre is something that I have always tracked and been very interested in. We have to find a cure for this awful disease sooner rather than later.

It is devastating that brain tumours kill more children than any other cancer, largely due to a lack of research and development of new treatments in this area. I am delighted to be involved with an organisation that will make this statistic change."
supporters_allanlamb.jpg   Allan Lamb
Charity Patron

"It is an honour to be asked to join such a prolific group of Patrons and Trustees and to be once again working with my old friends the Botham’s. It is devastating to be diagnosed with any serious condition and particularly so with something that affects the brain. Because of the very nature of the disease and the tumour location treatment options are often difficult. It is very sad to think that for patients who are diagnosed with the most aggressive tumours, that their prognosis is no better than it was 40 years ago."
supporters_robnorbury.jpg   Rob Norbury
Celebrity Ambassador

"I became involved with the charity via Harry's Star - a YBTC Fund set up in memory of a 10 month old baby boy who died from a brain tumour. It is terrifying to think that this can happen to anyone."
supporters_sianreesewilliams.jpg   Sian Reese Williams
Celebrity Ambassador

"I got involved with YBTC after seeing Ian Meek on Look North and was inspired to help. My brother has a brain tumour and I understand the strain this disease brings on a family, your lives change in a heartbeat and is never the same again."
supporters_lizgreen.jpg   Liz Green
Celebrity Ambassador

"After losing a close friend to a brain tumour I understand first hand the devastation this disease causes. I will help all I can to raise awareness to support the charity and its aims."
supporters_aaronmaclean.jpg   Aaron Maclean
Celebrity Ambassador

"I got involved with YBTC because so little is understood about brain tumours and you realise fairly quickly that this disease can affect anyone, it does not discriminate. We need to raise so much more money to fund research and provide patient support for every person diagnosed with a brain tumour in the Yorkshire and Humber region."

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