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Fri 19 January

Find out how you can recycle everyday items to raise funds for BTRS. Over £55,000 raised so far!
BTRS have adopted the recycling initiative started by Ellie’s Fund Brain Tumour Trust (EFBTT)

EFBTT raised a massive £52k through recycling waste wrappers!!

With your help, BTRS can continue to raise even more! All the money raised through recycling will be allocated to Ellie’s Fund and will continue to be spent on brain tumour research projects in Yorkshire.

Your recycling can be dropped off at the BTRS Charity Shop – No 31, Otley Road, Leeds, LS6 3AA. Or, you can send your recycling bundles off to be turned into £££££’s for charity.

Please read on to find out what can be recycled and, if you are unable to drop it off, how you can send it for processing.
Thank you for your support.

Writing Instruments

We can recycle ALL brands and materials of biro, felt tip, marker, highlighter, mechanical pencil AND correction fluid bottles.
For us to be credited 2p per item you’ll need to send 15kg (before packaging) at a time please. When you’ve collected this, around 1500 pens, please email for a free post ‘writing label’, tell us how many you have, and we’ll email the label to you. You then call UPS to arrange a convenient time for them to collect the parcel from you.

Please note: there is no maximum parcel size. If the parcel weighs more than 15kg we will be credited.

Cleaning product bottle tops

GREAT news if you’ve been thinking about collecting the ‘air care’ products for us – they now accept more products.

Here’s what they accept:
1. All brands and sizes of plastic air fresheners, plastic plug in air fresheners and plastic air freshener
cartridges (including plastic car air fresheners).
2. All brands of plastic bottle trigger heads and pumps (used for air care and home cleaning products such as kitchen /
bathroom cleaner sprays) and flexible cleaning wipe packaging (intended for home cleaning).
3. Plastic bottle caps – for air care products, and washing up liquid bottles, including bleach – can now be sent in.
4. Plus, all flexible plastic air care and home care product packaging of any brand (please remove any cardboard, usually the back, first.) ’PLASTIC packaging’ & ‘household cleaning’ are the key words to what is accepted – as soon as you have a carrier bag full just email us for a freepost ‘cleaning’ label and send them off – if you ask your friends to get involved it won’t take you long to fill a bag!

Don’t forget to mention which label you require please!

Food Pouches

Here’s how to send baby food pouches:

~ save a minimum of 5kg of pouches – this will be at least 555. Keep the lids on; they
add to the minimum weight, which we need to reach or they don’t pay us.
~ the maximum weight per parcel is 20kg please
~ the maximum parcel size is 64 x 46 x 46cm.
You can send any brand of baby food pouch; as well as the following Ella’s Kitchen packaging: Stage 1 Baby Porridge, First Tastes, Stage 1 with Baby Rice, Stage 1 Baby Food, Baby Brekkie
Stage 2 Porridge, Puffits, Stage 2 Baby Food, Yum Yummy Cookies, Stage 2 Rice Pudding
Stage 3 Cereal, Stage 3 Toddler Food, Stage 3 Nibbly Fingers, Stage 3 Munchy Biccies
Dairylicious (fromage frais), Smoothie Fruits, Special Diet products **including the caps**, and all snack wrappers.If you keep the caps on the pouches they shouldn’t create a smell when you store them.
Email recycling@elliesfund.com when you’re ready for collection (not before, the criteria is sometimes changed by the sponsors – we’ll give you the most up to date info when you email) and ask for a ‘baby food label’.
We’ll be in touch with you within 3 working days.

This will be collected from your address by UPS. 

Biscuit Wrappers
We can accept: ALL brands of PLASTIC, SWEET biscuit wrappers. 
This includes supermarket own brand, and all McVities wrappers including Jaffa Cake inners.
It includes the inners and outers of family packs.
Save and send your small wrappers from your tea tray in your B&B, your complimentary biscuits with your hot drinks in cafes.

Please don’t send KitKat wrappers as they’re made from paper and tinfoil. Or wrappers that have tinfoil inners.
If it’s plastic and from a sweet biscuit (or packet of) pop it in.


Save your used stamps and recycle them into ££££ for Ellie’s Fund; funding research into brain tumours.

You can collect all used stamps - please leave about half a centimetre of paper around each one - and turn them into money for Ellie's Fund! Please bag your stamps up and send them to the following address:
BTRS/Ellie's Fund     
Fords Farm,
NR29 4EP.
Please note, this address is just for stamps, it’s not a charity address.

Beauty and personal care recycling

Save your empty beauty and personal care plastic packaging/lids and recycle them to raise £££ for Ellie’s Fund; funding research into brain tumours.
Here’s what can be recycled: the lids and nozzles from all your hand cream, face cream, shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, plastic roll-on deodorants, plastic lids from antiperspirants, face wipe packets, plastic pots and flexible plastic tubes used for personal care and beauty, the flexible plastic from hair colourant kits.
When you have a parcel ready to send please email recycling@elliesfund.com to ask for a free post ‘beauty’ label. We’ll email one to you.

Inkjet cartridges: 

The recycling company are quite specific about what we will be paid for/what they will accept, so we asked the company for some details we can pass on to help people know which cartridges they can send and this is what they said:
''Inkjet Cartridges - for which we are paid - fit in the palm of your hand and have a patented circuit board on the bottom of the cartridge where the ink is dispersed. The circuit board has a copper look to it, showing gold dots in many cases. This is what gives a cartridge its recycling value as it cannot be manufactured by imitators.
We are not paid for 'Ink tanks' which sometimes have a small memory chip but they do not have a circuit board so they can be easily mass-produced by anyone. They basically are made of just plastic and ink. This makes the empty ink tank cartridge worthless.''

There is a list of accepted cartridges here: - http://www.recycle4charity.co.uk/InkjetCartridges

When you require envelopes to send them off please email recycling@elliesfund.com telling us your address and how many inkjet cartridges you have. We'll send them out to you by post.

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