Callum Carruthers

Callum Carruthers

St.Patricks Day 2003, our son Callum was born two weeks early, narrowly missing being born on the anticipated date of 1st April. All parents will say that their children are gorgeous and with Callum there was no exception.
Callum's Tribute

From the moment he arrived into the world he brought us great joy. He had a calming influence, a cheeky look on his face and, to me, a fantastic way of communicating with his energy without yet being able to talk. He was my soulmate, Daddy’s soldier and a wonderful playmate for older brother Scott.

At the age of 7 months he had what looked to be just an ordinary sickness bug, or “virus” as the doctors so often put these things down to.

A month later he was admitted to Dewsbury Hospital for tests, as he was continuing to be sick and had started to regress in his ability to do everyday things.

After several tests and a short spell home for Christmas, Callum was admitted to the LGI, after taking a fit in the night, it was where we first learnt about BTRS.
Callum had been admitted to ward 48a, where he was submitted to several neurological tests, and just two days into the New Year his condition was finally identified as Mitochondria Disease, a genetic condition that attacks every cell in your body. In Callum it was targeting his major organs, and sadly on the 5th January he died in our arms from Cardio-respiratory failure, caused by the Mitochondrial condition. We were lucky to have him for almost 9 months.

We saw and understood what it meant to have the right care for not only our son, but for the other children in the ward. How when you needed someone to make you a cup of tea, or give you a cuddle the nurses were there. The staff on ward 48a were so amazing that when it came time for considering where donations could be made on Callum’s funeral day, we felt compelled to join in the quest that BTRS had started a year or so earlier.

But it didn’t stop there…the following year Stephen and 9 other friends took on the challenge of completing the three peaks of Britain inside 24hours…after sweat, toil, blisters and blizzards the guys completed the challenge and managed to raise £13K in the process. We were extremely proud of all concerned.

Even though the condition Callum had is not directly linked to the Charity, we still see the worth in support of BTRS. Stephen become a Trustee and we regularly contribute to the Football days etc. A friend of mine in the card industry has created two special “new baby boy” cards in Callum’s memory, 10p of which from each sale goes to BTRS.

Callum left those who knew him with the memory of a brave and beautiful boy. His little brother misses him every day (as do we all) and believes that Callum is saying hello when rainbows are in view. We feel blessed to have known him for such a short time, and thank him for the inspiration he has left us with.

Written by Alison Carruthers (Ali), Mummy to Callum
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