At BTRS we want everyone who has an experience of a brain tumour to be able to share their story and be a part of this charity and as such have created a section for your personal stories and brain tumour experiences.

The information that you write down can then be used by future patients and their loved ones to help them understand other people's experiences of brain tumours.

Please contact Caroline with your ideas and together we will make the pages happen.

Brain Tumour Fighter, Olympic Torchbearer and all round inspiration who loved his family and committed himself to raising funds towards the research at the Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology. Ian's Fund with BTRS was called 'Let's Cure Brain Tumours' and the project he funded now bears his name, The Ian Meek PhD Studentship. 
Andrew William Malecki (Bill), the eldest of four and only son of Margaret and Andy, was born in Leeds, on 6th December 1961.
St.Patricks Day 2003, our son Callum was born two weeks early, narrowly missing being born on the anticipated date of 1st April. All parents will say that their children are gorgeous and with Callum there was no exception.
During July of 2004, our son Christopher, then aged just 19, started complaining about headaches. He visited his local GP, but the initial diagnosis was nothing more than possible migraine.
I first met Howard when he was a penniless musician, scraping around for loose change under the bed, in order to afford a pint. He was the drummer in a local band called ‘Flight’ who were set for big things, and had their single played on the Noel Edmonds and DLT Radio 1 shows.
Joan Wells (right) her husband Richard and son in law John at Carolyn's graduation.
For me this picture sums up Linda wonderfully. It was taken in August 1999 on a beach in Ireland when she was there with her good friends Sally and Julie. At that time she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, told that the average life expectancy was five years and suffering from frequent seizures despite being on medication. Yet all you see is someone embracing life fully.
From the moment I met Samant ha, I knew she was “the one” and was going to become very special to me. She was a vivacious, vibrant girl who adored life and was passionate about music, art, cats, people and nature and had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known
As children growing up we never really got on. Mainly due to me being the obnoxious, limelight hogging, three years younger brother, and Scott bein  g the much quieter, more chilled elder brother. This was pretty much how I saw things, but in hindsight (a wonderful thing) we didn’t really hate each other but had very different personalities. He always looked after me without ever showing that he was doing it.
Terry and I were married for 26 happy years and our lives were everything and more than we could have wished for.
“Brain tumours are incredibly rare, so your chances of getting one are remote, and in any case, brain tumours don’t happen to us.” It wasn’t a reasoned opinion, but it was what I thought prior to my husband, Tony being diagnosed as having a brain tumour in July 1996. So when the doctor told us he had some bad news and that the results of an MRI scan showed a tumour on the right side of Tony’s brain, the thunderbolt struck.
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